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Untamed WoW

Post by micrah » Thu Sep 26, 2019 9:54 am

..:: [Untamed-WoW Instant 80 3.3.5a PvP/PvE Realm]::..

Greetings champions,

With pride & joy we are announcing that our Untamed realm is available TODAY for gameplay!
Enjoy in I80 PVP/PVE content & get ready for amazing events we have in store for you.


* Instant 80 starting with S7 Set.
* CrossFaction Battlegrounds.
* Custom Battlegrounds Chests on BG Win.
* Start with All your Class Weapon skills, Riding, spells learned.
* CCDelay.
* Daily / Weekly Quests.
* Resilience / Spell Pen / Armor Pen - Working.
* Working Charge / Pet Pathing.
* In-Game Currency.
* Easy to use Npcs.
* Teleport Book on character creation.
* Solo Queue 3v3 System.
* Arena Spectator ( Spectate by bracker, or player name).
* Custom PvP Area ( 24/7 - Announcer in zone )
* Gurubashi PvP Event Every Hour With Chest Spawn Announcement.
* Arena Anti-Draw Dementia.
* Custom Transmog System with Transmog Cases. And Arena Rating Requirements.
* Transmog Cases contain over 1300 tradeable items.
* Custom PvP System with Vanilla Ranks (titles).
* Donation, Transmog, Event Tokens.
* Killstreak System & Announcer.
* Binary Resistances.
* Mall, VIP, Donations, Duel Areas.
* Auto CD resetting in Duel Zone.
* Passive AntiCheat system
* PQR Lua Blocker
* And much much more.

Break yourself upon our realm! Feel the strength of the UNTAMED! UntamedWoW Team
Posted by POSZER on 2019/09/08


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