The Last Kingdom WOW

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The Last Kingdom WOW

Post by micrah » Mon Mar 18, 2019 9:23 am

The Last Kingdom World of Warcraf Server ! We are curently opened for Beta Testing,so feel free to enjoy the game.
We are going to official launch on 22.03.2019 at 20:00 Realm Time hosting a full night of PvP Events/PvE Events/Costum Events/Costum Games.EVERYBODY that will take part at the Launch,will be rewarded with unique and amazing stuff ,so call your friends,invite them into the game and on our Discord Channel and let's all have fun !

We are asking you to read carefully our Community Rules and contact us on Discord for any kind of problem you have.Our professional and dedicated Team is always here for you !
The Last Kingdom World of Warcraft Private Community is taking the Costum Servers to another level.Here are some informations about our "Sargeras i80 " realm:
1.Balanced and completly working CLASSES.
2.Unique and costum Story "The Legion's Return" so we can enjoy every second of PvE.
3.Unique features in-game like 1v1 Arena/Transmog/costum commands/World Flying/Buffs and so go on.
4.Reward System for active members.Short description : Our server is running 24/24 a local lottery.For every hour spent in-game your character with /autoroll a random number.If you roll the lucky number you receive up from 10 to 30 Donations Points.Also,beside that,based on your playtime,administrators randomly according rewards while you are playing.
5.Dedicated,active,professional and most friendly Staff on World of Warcraft Private Servers.
6.Always ONLINE.Our Servers are running 365 days per year.
7.Unique Vote Rewards ->Change Vote Points into Donor Points/Top Voters of the week will be rewarded as mentioned on the website.
8.Unique Donations : You can create your own items respecting the limits that we set,with your COSTUM Name/Colour/Description/DisplayID and so go on.
9.Daily and regular Events of all kind : PvP/PvE/Costums and so go on.
10.Community Achievements : We are setting different kind of Achievements like for example : Hit 1000 Created Accounts.Call your friends and help us Achieve them and claim your just reward !
11.Character migration: Migrate your character from your ex World of Warcraft server to Us ,for FREE !.
All of these and more,just on The Last Kingdom WoW,running to get The Best Private Server title.

Thank you,TheLastKingdom Staff.

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