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Welcome to WoWTorn

Post by micrah » Thu Nov 22, 2018 5:10 pm

Rocket PVE Progressive @ max 60 content (xp 1-2)

Uniquely Scaled, Fully Scripted Soloable Dungeons & Raids. Crossfaction,
Working Battlegrounds , Random Item Enchants, Bounty rewards for kills.
An in game Lottery System for playing with a chance to win AzerothFlying, Gold Bricks, Pocket Portal and Levelup Tokens. Theres a BuffMaster , Portal Master and Transmog, No Pay To Win
Progressing into Burning Crusade June 1st
New set your own XP rate use command: .xp set #
e.g .xp set 2 Relog to take effect

IMPORTANT : Read the How to play guide on how to connect to WoWTorn
Vote for us as voting is the best way to grow!
Having trouble logging in check out our connection guide
There is no pay to win features!

IMPORTANT : Read the How to play guide on how to connect to WoWTorn
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