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Group Experience

Post by Light » Fri Jan 11, 2019 11:42 pm

Hey Light here again, having a blast leveling on Rocket with my brother and soon to be a couple friends.

Quick suggestion but understand if you don't like the idea. Would it be possible to remove the xp reduction in a group? With a small population it is fun to level with new people and friends. Right now it is roughly halved being in a group with content being soloable I feel it hurt people if they wanna group to play with friends. Right now there is little incentive to play in a group when mobs are not hard and having a group does little to speed things up. I just find it fun to play with people and will continue to if the xp gets changed or not.


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Re: Group Experience

Post by micrah » Sat Jan 12, 2019 5:18 am

ill look into it but I don't like the chances,

changing group xp rate is not simple , I had to choose leave the content as group content with the damage normal or lower the damage to solo , its not possible to have our cake and eat it to here, we can have stronger mobs to encourage grouping or weaker mobs but the xp rates on dungeons is designed to be shared with 5 people , people have to choose to share or keep to themselves at this point , group up to have fun with friends or keep the xp to yourself and solo the content its the players choice here, the only real way to remove that is to make dungeons require more than 1 person , balance requires adhering more to blizzards template then moving away from it, I can return to the orginal model and require more players for dungeons by buffing them back to their regular rates, but I don't want to do that , you have to share, you can run those dungeons twice as fast and get the same xp , I lowered xp rates to be more blizzlike , 2 days to get to 60 was no what I wanted this place to be.

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