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  • WoWTorn - Australia

    Rocket PVE Progressive @ max 60 Vanilla content(xp 1-2) 


    Uniquely Scaled, Fully Scripted Soloable Dungeons & Raids. Crossfaction,
    Working Battlegrounds , Random Item Enchants, Bounty rewards for kills.
    An in game Lottery System for playing with a chance to win AzerothFlying, Gold Bricks, Pocket Portal and Levelup Tokens. Theres a  BuffMaster , Portal Master and Transmog, No Pay To Win 

    Progressing into Burning Crusade June 1st

    New set your own XP rate use command: .xp set #
    e.g .xp set 2 Relog to take effect

    See the How to Play guide for connection instructions  

    Vote or Donate to get webpoints to be spent in the Shop



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